By combining both the latest web-oriented application authoring technologies widely available on the internet, and specific tools targeting the television environment, NAGRA offers a complete solution to enable partners, service providers and third parties to rapidly develop innovative applications for television.

NAGRA supports an open ecosystem, so that multiple parties can develop solutions and applications for a deployment. Our solutions are backed by more than 20 years of industry leading experience, with more than 200 million deployed devices.

OTV5 client middleware is built on the Linux operating system and the latest Internet technologies, such as HTML5, combined with NAGRA’s core digital television components. The solution bundles NAGRA’s considerable experience in digital television with full broadcast capabilities, advanced PVR and home networking modules as well as over-the-top broadband services.

NAGRA’s end-to-end solution for multiscreen television services enables premium TV content and applications to be delivered across multiple devices, from gateway, set-top boxes and connected TVs to PCs, tablets, phones, and game consoles. It offers a high level of flexibility and efficiency that service providers expect to successfully deploy innovative services based on application from a community of developers. NAGRA’s End-to-End Solution encompasses OpenTV 5 middleware, the OpenTV Platform, and the OpenTV Player.




A Javascript Framework that provides templates for application developers to design, debug and deploy applications on NAGRA STBs in markup languages such as HTML5.


Full HTML5 Runtime Environment powered by Webkit that leverages HTML5 technologies and CSS3 capabilities.

OTT Streaming

Streaming content over unmanaged broadband networks to set-top boxes using HTTP

Personal Video Recorder

Complete PVR solution enabling simultaneous recordings, time-shift review, trick play support and storage management.

Home Networking (DNLA)

Sharing content easily and seamlessly across networked devices while helping the operator to provide a differentiated service offering.

Content Protection (CA and DRM)

Provided by NAGRA's anyCAST Persistent Rights Management (PRM) module, a service provider-controlled DRM, which protects premium content on multiple devices.

Broadcast Stack (DVB, ISDB)

Comprehensive DVB Broadcast processing functionality for Cable (C), Satellite (S/S2) and DTT formats (T/T2).

Database (SQLite)

For the storage of information such as service and event metadata, network information, and configuration data.


  • April 20, 2017
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