OpenTV Player enables play out of protected content on a wide range of open devices with a consistent feature set throughout the different platforms.

OpenTV Player enables secure playout of protected video content on all main open platforms with the fastest time to market, thanks to its single cross-platform DRM and unified streaming format. Our Player enables you to focus on providing your most valuable content to your end users with the best user experience, without worrying about handling multiple DRMs, streaming formats, and CDN costs.

The OpenTV Player includes advanced features such as multi-language audio tracks, subtitles, and smart personalised recommendation and promotion features - ensuring that all subscribers get the full potential of the premium TV content catalogue. The integrated multi-device consumer experience delivers consistency across all interactions between the viewer and TV applications.

The OpenTV Player can be delivered as a browser plugin or desktop standalone application for Windows and Mac platforms, and via an SDK to iOS and Android platforms.

The OpenTV Player is part of OpenTV Suite, the Multiscreen solution from NAGRA. Designed to provide a personalised, consistent user experience across all devices, the OpenTV suite is designed specifically for the digital TV industry to ensure that all subscribers can seize the full potential of an Operators content catalogue via a sophisticated feature set that includes Network PVR, Download-to-Go, Electronic-Sell-Through and advanced promotions and recommendations.



Video Player

A feature-rich client player designed to offer comparable viewing and features across all major open device platforms.

DRM Content Protection

Our player is protected by anyCAST PRM, the only pay-TV centric DRM that is Hollywood-approved.


OpenTV Player delivers a personalized, operator-branded and consistent user experience across all devices.

Secure Player SDKs

A platform video player that can replace the device's native player, and allows you to write your own user interface.

HTML Secure Players

A finalised player application that embeds a WebView for HTML 5 UI rendering.

Adaptive Streaming / OTT

Support for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), which can dynamically adjust the bitrate to adapt to changing networking conditions.

Audience Measurement

Gather commonly required statistics for an OTT ecosystem, including number of users, plays, devices used, average bitrates, and buffer ratios.

Subtitles & Multi-Audio

Support for subtitles, closed captioning, and multi-language audio tracks.

Download Manager

Ability to download high quality content to watch offline.