The OpenTV Platform provides a flexible multiscreen service management platform to monetise and deliver TV services to multiple subscriber accounts, devices and users across multiple networks.

As service providers address the need for a seamless multiscreen user experience across devices and networks, they are also looking for a fast time-to-market and full control of their costs in a market where requirements are evolving at an increasing pace. Addressing these critical requirements remains at the very core of our product vision - thus ensuring our customers benefit from the latest technology innovation.

Focussing on the key themes of AGGREGATE, PACKAGE, PUBLISH, SELL, and ANALYSE, the OpenTV Platform offers the tools to manage, secure and operate a wide range of media services across multiple delivery networks (broadcast, managed IP, over-the-top and mobile), devices (set-top boxes, connected TVs, PCs, tablets and phones), and content types. This is all achieved using one platform; the OpenTV Platform.

The OpenTV Platform is comprised of a sophisticated suite of modular platform components, available as either an on-premise or hosted solution.

Our combined platform and player offering can also provide network Cloud PVR capabilities as well as studio-approved Download-to-Go and Electronic-Sell-Through services that can further enhance the user experience, increase ARPU and provide value-driven customer retention.




Enabling service providers to monetise their content.

Content Discovery

Populating the EPG schedule and and VOD catalogue with program information for browsing and searching, and startover and catchup signalling.

Replay TV

Enabling the delinearisation of content through Timeshifting, Startover, Catchup and Network PVR services.

Media Processing

Controlling the workflow of different assets, including the integration of encoders, transcoders, and encryption orders.


Controlling authentication of clients, accounts and devices.

Content Security

Securing content by integrating with CAS or DRMs, and handling encryption and licensing.

Infrastructure, Monitoring and Operations

Providing tools for reporting, monitoring and operation of the Platform.


Gathering event usage data, including subscriber numbers, geographies, device types, time and duration of use.